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Sesame Seed

Sesame Seed



ChuksPrime – A Renowned Sesame Seeds Supplier

Sesame seeds are one of the major ingredients required in Asian cooking, in Middle East dishes, and for other health purposes around the world. It provides an amazing nutty flavor due to which it is primarily used as spices and condiments in various cuisines. ChuksPrime International Limited is the leading sesame seeds supplier in Nigeria.

Being the top sesame supplier, our sesame seeds are available in a variety of colors and sizes. White or beige-colored seeds are popular in the U.S, and black sesame seeds are known for their strongest flavor. The sesame seeds make a perfect addition in stir-fries or ground into tahini. Customers can order whatever they want to expand their business.

We strictly emphasize on keeping our track record of first-rate service & customer satisfaction in sync along with the guarantee of providing reliable quality, pricing, & performance. With our bleeding-edge innovation, flexibly chain the board, and drive for item development, we are engaged to create and trade a total scope of sesame seed on a worldwide scale. We supply top-quality sesame seeds to customers all over the world, and that’s the reason they reckon us the professional and experienced supplier.

Types of Sesame Seeds We Offer As The Top Sesame Seeds Supplier

Being a reputable supplier, we never keep a space for any lacking in our product, hence we make sure to provide a complete range of sesame seeds to facilitate our client with. However, a different type of sesame seeds includes;

  • Natural Sesame Seed: We own a bulk range of natural sesame seeds and export in many different regions.
  • Hulled Sesame Seed: ChuksPrime Organic is the leading supplier & trader of a mechanically hulled sesame seed to international markets.
  • Black Sesame Seed: We fabricate and trade scope of sortex-cleaned common dark sesame seed and pure black sesame seed for culinary, therapeutic, and mechanical applications.
  • Brown Sesame Seed: We additionally bargain in providing oil-squashing grade earthy colored sesame seed and make them trade prepared for worldwide areas.

All these various types of sesame seeds are supplied either in a shelled or unshelled form with a nutty flavor. As a major, yet common ingredient, these seeds are regularly added to plates of mixed greens as a garnish for bread and grain items, saltines, sushi, cakes, soups, or as breading for fish and meat. These are likewise a rich wellspring of supplements as sesame seed oil items.

What is the Benefit of Buying Sesame Seed from Chuksrime Organic, a well-known sesame seeds supplier?

Over the years, ChuksPrime Organic has been known as a seasoned seeds supplier with its consistent product quality & remarkable supply chain management. We focus on quality right from the beginning.

In that, these seeds that are prepared in mass are sourced from the exceptionally ripe districts of Nigeria. Along these lines, we guarantee that lone premium quality sesame is dispatched to you.

Best Uses of Sesame Seeds

Since Sesame oil is highly nutritional and is extensively used in cooking, so it is widely used to ganache over many Indian food items to boost their nutritional value and add a distinct taste. It is also used for garnishing bakery foods to boost the taste. Being the top sesame seeds supplier, we offer the type of sesame seeds our customers are looking for.

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