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Organic Ginger

Organic Ginger



Get The Best Organic Ginger from the Leading Organic Ginger Supplier

Organic ginger has oodles of benefits that are always doing rounds and has also been using as an ingredient in the food. Finding organic ginger is a bit of a task, as not every time you get what you are looking for. When it comes to looking for a reliable organic ginger supplier, customers keep searching for the brand that can offer real organic ginger. ChuksPrime International Limited has been in the market as a ginger supplier for quite long and also has a reputation in the organic product industry that makes us a trustworthy supplier.

The quality of our gingers is unquestionable, and our customers always appreciate us for the quality of our ginger, and that’s why they reckon us the leading ginger supplier. Since our establishment, we have managed to earn a great reputation all over the world for supplying organic ginger and other organic products.

Being the top ginger supplier, we take care of the quality of every organic ginger consignment so that our customers get exactly what they have ordered. Strict GMPs are applied from very early steps to ensure reliable features of the final product. This is the stage where we employ three different measures;

  1. Supplier inspection & qualification
  2. Area selection
  3. Control of:
  • Storage
  • drying conditions
  • harvesting period and harvesting method

What Makes Our Organic Gingers Safe & Reliable?

As a renowned organic ginger supplier, we make sure all of our food ingredients are qualified to applicable organic standards: National Organic Program (NOP) and European Union (EU). We utilize natural certifiers who fulfill or surpass IFOAM guidelines and are acknowledged around the world.

All of our ingredients meet strict quality and food safety standards, sanitation principles, and outperform industry measures for virtue and neatness. We utilize natural certifiers who fulfill or surpass IFOAM guidelines and are acknowledged around the world.

There are many areas where ginger is planted in Nigeria, and a variety differs from north to south. But gingers and seeds from ChuksPrime has its norm since we own well – trained in-house sensory panel to ensure consistency and quality.

Perks Of Choosing us As Organic Ginger Supplier

However, some perks of buying organic ginger from us include

  • A strict selection of fresh ginger rhizomes
  • Spray with high-pressure water to remove the adhering impurities
  • All of our agricultural farming product is peeled both by hand and machine, washing and disinfection by flowing water, slicing, mincing and drying, selecting and metal detecting
  • We pack ginger flakes into cartons or seal them into polythene bags for further processing
  • We can supply a wide variety of Organic dried ginger in various form

Notable Applications of Our Organic Gingers

ChuksPrime always ensures to provide such products that can be beneficial for daily need, and beneficial for human health, hence our organic gingers are applicable for;

  • Food
  • Biological pesticides
  • Medicine & health products
  • Cosmetics
  • Sewage treatment
  • Veterinary drugs
  • Colorant & dyeing process

If you need organic ginger from a reputable and reliable ginger supplier, feel free to contact ChuksPrime International.

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