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Orange originated from Southeast Asia and has spread all over the world. It comes in various cultivars (species) with the orange coloured, sweet ones being the dominant and most desired. We process and supply oranges in large commercial quantities to meet export needs. We source, process, package, and supply valencia, naval, and other species of this great fruit to our clients in various locations. 


Do you eat oranges for the naturally sweet taste, to boost your immune system, for smoother skin,  or act as oxidants? Then orange is for you. Our oranges are whole, free from damage caused by pests, pest-affected appearance, rots,  foreign smell, and taste, bruising, internal shriveling, and any abnormality from high or low temperatures. They are juicy and typical of their species. 


We place a premium on the packaging and delivery to locations without compromising the standards. Come to us for Class 1 oranges.

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