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Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower



Hibiscus tea has become popular in various cultures and is highly appreciated for its efficacy in medicinal preparations. Noted for its tart taste, dry hibiscus is a by-product of the Hibiscus Flower whose petals and dark red calyces ( cup-shaped centers of the flower) are allowed to dry to meet medicinal and dietary supplement needs. 


The Egyptians are noted for making this nature’s gift to humanity popular as they cultivate predominantly for health improvement. It has been proven to help lower High Blood Pressure (HBP) to significant digits, reduce pressure on the eyes to improve eyesight, and have mild sedating properties for a good sleep. In many parts of the world, bacteria infectious are ward off with hibiscus preparations, fever, and its symptoms are also treated with it. Research has it that it helps with improving liver functions because of its diuretic effects. 


Chuksprime Organics sources and processes varieties such as Dan Kenya, Bulkara, and Hadeja. These species are unique for their rich colors and quality. Our dominant customers for Hibiscus are from the USA and we have shipped large tonnage to various parts of the States.


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