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What Are Sesame Seeds? Know About Types And Usages

What Are Sesame Seeds? Know About Types And Usages

Sesame is cultivated for edible sesame seeds, and you can use it as a condiment and ingredient in cuisines across the world. Sesame seeds rise in seed pods, which burst open once they are fully ripe. When harvested, you clean them and remove their exterior coats; this process is famous as hulling. These seeds are tiny, but they have incredibly high oil content and a nutty flavor once toasted.

3 Types Of Sesame Seeds

The Sesame seeds Supplier sells sesame seeds in three colors:

  • People use golden or brown sesame seeds. They are the most common.
  • White sesame seeds are usually more expensive and freely available in Europe and the Americas.
  • Black sesame seeds are widespread in Asian countries.

The History Of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds or sesame were first grown in India around 3500 BC and developed a tradable good around 2000 BC. The health and culinary welfares of sesame seeds are famous to humans for centuries; Ancient Egyptians used these sesame seeds for medicinal purposes though early Turkish people pressed them and processed them to extract oil.

Nowadays, Japan is the world’s largest sesame seed importer and Sesame seeds Supplier where they use sesame seeds to make sesame oil, a fantastic ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Other leading sesame seed importers include China, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Turkey, and France.

How To Add Sesame Seeds To Your Cuisine?

From Chinese food to Greek to Middle Eastern cuisines, these sesame seeds are a pantry staple worldwide. Either you place them atop a hamburger bun in the United States or ground into a paste to create tahini in the Middle East; they can add a nutty taste and texture to cuisine in various countries.

Some commonly used ranges of Sesame Seeds are:

Brown Seeds:

Famous for their high content of oil, approximately 45-50%, you use the brown sesame seeds for extraction of oil, which they use extensively in India.

White Seeds:

The white Sesame seeds exporters from India are famous for their nutty flavor, and people use them as a condiment for baking purposes; you can find mostly them sprinkled over buns and cakes.

Black Seeds:

The black sesame seeds are rich in flavor, and you use them primarily as a seasoning in salads, to steep meat and vegetables, and for therapeutic purposes.

Red Sesame Seeds:

The red sesame seeds are rich in aroma, so they mainly use them in dishes to improve the taste.

Here are suggestions on how to prepare with sesame seeds:

  • Sprinkle fresh sesame seeds on stir-fries, salads, or cold noodles before aiding for added texture.
  • Grind seeds into a fine powder, and you can add them to hot cereal such as oatmeal for added nutrition.
  • You can use sesame seeds in salad dressings and marinades for added texture and a nuts flavor.
  • You can mix ground sesame seeds into yogurt or smoothies with flax seeds to boost fiber
  • You can add sesame seeds to the bread, muffin, or cookie batter before baking for a rich, crazy flavor.
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