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Varieties Of Ginger! Get Some Information

Varieties Of Ginger! Get Some Information

Oh, the ginger. It is zingy, a lot aromatic, and full of flavor. One of the first things you know about ginger is that farmers harvest it from the root of the ginger plant, and that’s why you hear it referred to as the ginger root. Ginger looks like cork, but the appearance is where all the similarities end. Ginger is flavorful but cork, not so much.

If you feel bored with other spices in your cooking, ginger may take care of that and wake up your taste buds fast. The scientific name for ginger is zingiber. The word “Zingiber” comes from the Sanskrit word Singapura. It means spice, and ginger packs many of it. However, ginger is not spicy in the classic hot sauce kind of way. It is more of a mouthful, sometimes defined as peppery and zesty.

Popular Varieties

The young ginger is sweeter; more mature or elder ginger hits you with that spice, and this is what you can typically find in your grocery stores. Suppose you need the sweet stuff, head to the Asian marketplaces near you. You can easily find the leading ginger supplier, provides various varieties:

Fresh Ginger

The fresh ginger seems complicated and stocky, such as a cork. Even though it is rough and challenging from the outside, you can quickly grate and chop it. The fresh ginger is even a bit juicy. You may use it to flavor sauces, soups, and meat marinades. Some people love to add it to smoothies and their beverages for extra health benefits and flavors.

Ground Ginger

You can find powdered ginger in the spice aisle. You can use ground ginger to season just about anything; meat, rice, and many more. You can substitute it for fresh ginger on hand; use less of it.

Pickled Ginger

What you get with your sushi, and that’s as it helps cleanse your palate. It is bright pink, full of taste, and easy to chew. But you can add it to other dishes like stir-frys and tacos.

Dried Ginger

The whole ginger root comes in its original shape, but of course, people dry it out, and you can ground it according to requirements to season your food or revitalize it. You can also purchase dried ginger root that’s cracked into pieces, which is best for making ginger tea.

Candied Ginger

Candied ginger looks like pink, hard toffees rolled in sugar (sometimes known as crystallized ginger). As people cook it in sugar water, its taste is less bite and more sweetness. People often eat candied ginger as a treat or to decrease nausea and vomiting.

Preserved Ginger

Usually, Preserved ginger comes in a jar where the ginger supplier preserves it in a sugar- and salt-based liquid. People often add it to salads and use it in dishes.

When Is Ginger In Season?

Most of the fresh gingers sold in the United States come from Hawaii, and the peak season of ginger is April by August. However, in California, the peak season of ginger starts in August and runs through the fall.

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